The Times

"Herdman makes every gesture true. An effortless, naturalistic presence on screen, this actor deserves more of a spotlight. As soon as possible."


"Herdman excels ..empathetic, everymannish vulnerability"

Flickering Myth

"Herdman’s performance never dips below the incredibly impressive heights he sets early on."

The Movie Waffler­

"...anchored by what might be the year's most endearing central performance from Martin Herdman."

Eye For Film

"Herdman is superb in the central role, ..engaging, uncompromising, a real treat"

Nothing in the Rulebook

Blessed with exceptional performances from the cast, particularly Martin Herdman”

Morning Star

"Mason is brilliantly played by Martin Herdman. He creates a character so utterly real that all too frequently I had to remind myself that [this] riveting feature is fictional and not a credible documentary"